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Our History

Our History

Christ-For-All Evangelistic Ministries began as home fellowship in homes of its members. The church was first named „Christ For All Fellowship“. Among those homes where Sunday services were held are Johanna-Melzer Strasse, the home of Sister Elisabeth (now resides in Ghana), Münsterstrasse, the home of Sister Paulina Mensa (still a staunch member), Erwinstrasse, the home of Sister Mary Donkor (now a Deaconess responsible for finances in Dortmund Assembly), Güntherstrasse, the home of Mr. & Mrs. Prempeh (still staunch members) and many other homes.

A short time later Sunday services were held at the Bochum University, ASTA Cafeteria where we stayed for the next three years.

The next meeting place for the church was the premises of the Evangelische Paulus Kirche in Bochum Langendreer.

Ten years later, the church moved to the Franz-Schlüter Strasse 6-10 in Dortmund-Hafen until the Lord blessed the church with its own premises.


1993 - 1997:

There was no leadership structure in place until 1997. In those days Christ-For-All was led by the following members who served in various ministries:

  1. Brother Augustine Kwabena Duah who is currently an Elder of Church of Pentecost in Virginia, USA.
  2. Brother Mike Okojie, currently the Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Redemption Light Parish, Dagenham Essex, UK.
  3. Brother Sarpong Osei-Assibey, currently serves as an Apostle and founder of Faith Revival Ministry in Dortmund, Germany.
  4. Brother Christopher Asubonteng who now resides in Virginia, USA.
  5. Brother David Damoah, now the Administrative Pastor of Christ-For-All Evangelistic Ministries.
  6. Brother Francis Ampratwum Amoah, now the Senior Pastor of Christ-For-All Evangelistic Ministries.
  7. Mr Werner Reschke and Mrs Mary Reschke, now members of the Assemblies of God in Dortmund. Mrs. Mary Reschke once served as a Deaconess in this ministry.
  8. Mr and Mrs Sam and Tina Iyamu.

These were designated as the Church Elders. Brother Augustine and Sister Tina later left to the United States.

1997 - 2000:

In 1997 leadership struggle in the church reached its apex and splitting of the church became inevitable. In order to avoid this painful process the leadership elected three men out of the leadership board to take over the leadership mantle. The following people were chosen to be the first pastors of Christ-For-All:

  1. Rev Mike Okojie
  2. Apostle Sarpong Osei Assibey
  3. Pastor Christopher Asubonteng

Shortly after the appointment of the three, Pastor Sarpong left Christ-For-All and founded the Faith Revival Ministry, Dortmund.

In his position as the Senior Pastor of Christ-For-All, Pastor Mike Okojie appointed Brother Francis A. Amoah, Brother David Damoah and Brother Richard Ezeh to be deacons to serve on tables in support of himself and Pastor Christopher Asubonteng.

After serving in the pastoral office for about a year, Pastor Mike left to study in the UK and continued in his present ministry as Reverend Minister.

In June 2000, Pastor Christopher left the scene to the United States leaving the three deacons behind to take care of the church.

2000 - Hitherto:

In the year 2000, prior to Pastor Christopher leaving for the States, the church sought for a spiritual father who the leadership can consult regarding difficult issues beyond the leadership abilities. This step was essential due to the past experiences on divisions. With prayers and fasting the Holy Spirit led the leadership to appoint Rev. Emmanuel Kwabena Donkor among many nominees.

In May 2001, Christ-For-All underwent for the first time an official leadership ordination and the first deacons and leaders were ordained for the church.

  • ·  Pastor Francis A. Amoah was ordained as the Senior Deacon to take up the leadership of the church.
  • ·  Pastor David Damoah was ordained as his assistant and the Administrator for the church.
  • ·  Deacon Richard Ezeh was ordained as the Secretary of the church.
  • ·  Pastor Oscar Ampofo was ordained as a deacon to take over the financial duties since brother Clement, the then financial secretary, had vacated his position and left to the United States.

Leaders for various ministries were also ordained and the leadership structure gradually took shape.

Thanks be to God and the good leadership of Rev. Donkor who introduced us to a solid leadership structure thereby placing Christ-For-All on a firm foundation and subsequently attaining a rapid growth.

In February 2003 Christ-For-All relocated to Dortmund-Hafen where Mr. Werner Reschke played a key role in securing this place of worship. May God richly reward him of his kind efforts for this church.

The crisis in 1997 drastically reduced the membership to about 56 people and the finances of the church was also very challenging.

With constant prayer vigils on every Friday night and the teaching of the Word, the Lord started blessing the church with new members and financial turnaround.

In 2001 the leadership received a vision of starting another Christ-For-All Assembly in Essen. Revival programmes were organised in Essen-Steele with the late Rev. Kwadwo Addae. The relocation to Dortmund opened the way for the birth of the new assembly. Few months later, the Essen Assembly finally started with about 35 members and under the leadership of Pastor Oscar and Pastor Gladys.

Pastor Oscar and his leadership worked hard to grow the church and today the Essen Assembly is the largest among all Christ-For-All churches with over 200 regular attendance.

In August 2003 deacons Francis, David and Oscar were ordained to be the first Elders of the church. Deacons and deaconesses were also ordained to help the elders carry out their duties as spiritual leaders of the church. Among the deacons and deaconesses were the following persons:

  • ·  Deacon Anderson Yeboah
  • ·  Deacon Patrick Nkrumah
  • ·  Deacon Francis Asare
  • ·  Deaconess Dora Anderson
  • ·  Deaconess Mary Reschke (no more a member of Christ-For-All)

Additional deacons and deaconesses were ordained to take their respective duties assigned to them in their respective assemblies.

In 2005 Elder Francis A. Amoah was appointed a pastor for Christ-For-All and in December 2008 Pastor Francis, Elder David and Elder Oscar were ordained as pastors for Christ-For-All.

In November 2006 Pastor David and his family relocated to Frankfurt, Germany on occupational grounds. Six months later the third assembly of Christ-For-All started.

In 2011 another assembly came into existence as Pastor David and his family relocated from Frankfurt to the Hanau, Germany vicinity. Hanau assembly started in Pastor David‘s absence and Mama Shirley and Deacon Dan Owusu worked hard to sustain this assembly against all odds. We want to appreciate their constant effort in sustaining the Hanau Assembly. May God richly bless them and continue to lift them up for His own purpose.

Today Christ-For-All has a branch in Kade, Ghana under the leadership of Pastor Brefo and his leaders.

Presently Pastor Francis serves as the Senior Pastor and the resident pastor for the mother church in Dortmund. Pastor David serves as the General Administrator, assistant to Pastor Francis Amoah and resident pastor of two young assemblies in Frankfurt am Main and Hanau. Pastor Oscar serves as the resident pastor for the Essen Assembly.

“Ebenezer”, This is where the Lord has helped us hitherto. We are so grateful and thankful to the Most High God for his constant guidance and the leadership of his Holy Spirit.

We also thank Rev. Apostle Emmanuel Kwabena Donkor for his wisdom and intensive guidance that has provided us a platform of spiritual growth. May God richly bless and reward him of all his efforts in the kingdom of Christ. We appreciate his leadership as Spiritual Father of Christ-For-All.